Top 5 Software Development Trends for 2021

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The trends in Software

development brings new surprises to developers across the globe.

pandemic, 2020 has been a year of growth and success for man and companies.

1. 5G Technology

The 5th Generation technology is probably the newest and most powerful technology that’s going to take over in 2021. 5G technology has a unified air interface that can connect everyone

and everything.

capacity by expanding to a spectrum of

mmWave. 5G is already here in between us!

2. Cloud Technology

The COVID-19 wiped away all the doubt or uncertainty one had of adopting the Cloud technology. It has surpassed the number of


infrastructure has been heavily deployed across various sectors (Government, Startups, Agriculture, Healthcare, and Banking).

Currently, AWS is the leading cloud service provider with a 32% market share.

3. Blockchain

Blockchain is a database that allows transferring money and information without an intermediate.

unchangeable and transparent. Blockchain cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin are a

very popular talk in town now. These can be

applied in banking, finance, media, publishing, and healthcare software field.

4. Low Code Development Platform(LCDP)

The new approach to build applications via visual interfaces without coding is known as Low Coding Development. It enables practically

anyone to develop software without coding skills.

In a conclusion, I can only say that the growth and evolution of software technology are never

going to cease. There are many software

development processes yet to be invented to drive remarkable results.

5 .Python catching up with JavaScript 

According to the popularity of programming language index, with a growth percentage of 19%, Python is gradually becoming one the most popular programming languages. Being a young language, Python is the latest technology to learn in the IT field. 

In a survey performed by Stack Overflow, it was found that Python is that Python is the most popular language among fresh candidates in the software development career. Thanks to the simplicity of the language, programmers can easily focus on solving the problem without having to spend too much time on studying the behavior of the language. 

6  Rise of E-Commerce Software 

Ecommerce software development is also one of the latest IT trends in the software industry.

We can expect a major increase in the ecommerce software development even after the pandemic restrictions life.

In order to ensure that customers can easily get what they want from the comfort of their homes, more retail companies will be eager to adopt ecommerce digital solutions, so we can expect it to be one of the biggest hot trends in the IT industry this year. 


We can expect to see many innovations in all the areas in software development this year. Organizations and companies are slowly becoming more aware of the advantages that robust software development can provide in terms of financial, societal, and customer care goals which is also leading to an increase in the demand for good software developers. 

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