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Starbrite provides a wide range of 160 colors that are produced and certified by the FDA in accordance with stringent standards. Starbrite is made with high-quality components sourced from some of the world’s best stuff and subjected to years of study and development to ensure that you get a safe, high-quality tattoo ink.


Tattoo inks are made up of colored pigments that are incorporated with a carrier. They’re employed in tattooing.

Ink for tattooing is available in a variety of hues that may be thinned or combined together to create a variety of colors and tones. Most skilled tattoo artists buy pre-made inks (also known as pre-dispersed ink), while some mix their own using a dry pigment and a carrier.

Tattoo ink, on the other hand, is generally permanent. Tattoo removal is tough, unpleasant, and the result depends on the materials used. Unsubstantiated claims have been made that some tattoo inks fade with time and produce a “semi-permanent tattoo.”


Starbrite is distinguished from other tattoo ink manufacturers by its commitment to producing high-quality, safe products that are also ecologically beneficial. Their ink is made in Connecticut, USA.

Starbrite Tattoo Inks are manufactured in a clean room with high-powered HEPA filters to keep dust particles out and disinfection chemicals are utilized before and after production. This ensures that each color is as new to your eyes as possible. The ease of using Starbrite Tattoo Ink during your next tattoo session is another thing.


The following essay aims to educate you about the finest tattoo inks for sale. We’ve picked eight items that stand out for your attention, all of which may be found on Amazon.

Before you buy a bottle of tattoo ink or a kit of colors and hues, be sure you pick the best option for your needs, not just the most popular or cheapest one.

The list below features tattoo ink products produced in the United States that are both organic and vegan friendly. Black single bottles, color and shading kits, and blacklight UV ink are among them.

Following are the best starbrite tattoo inks :

  1. AUTHENTIC 14 STARBRITE 14 Colored
  2. Jet Black, Starbrite outliner and Tattoo Ink
  3. New starbrite sterilized tattoo ink
  4. summer tattoo ink by starbrite
  5. latest starBrite silver series Krit tattoo
  6. Mark Duhan, TATTOO INK set


You can discover the following terms while researching different kinds of tattoo ink:

Azo Pigment:

The majority of organic chemicals utilized as tattoo colorants in the family. Vegan tattoo ink is mostly made up of azopigment and compounds.

Blacklight Tattoo:

A blacklight tattoo is one that cannot be seen in normal light, but can only be detected by a UV blacklight globe.

Ink Carrier:

Carriers are liquids that serve as solvents and “transport” the ink into the skin. The most frequent carriers are ethyl alcohol and distilled water.


People’s hair color, skin tone, and eye color are determined by the pigment melanin. The darker your skin becomes, the more melanin you have.

Tattoo Color:

The final shape of a pigment that the tattooist is using, which is generally injected beneath the skin’s surface.

Tattoo Pigment:

The colors in a tattoo are provided by various materials. Pigment particles and concentrates that give color are not readily available for the body to absorb.

Vegan Tattoo Ink:

Vegan tattoo inks are usually black by combining organic pigment, such as azo pigment, carbon black, or logwood. A vegetable-based glycerin or witch hazel vehicle is used to create a vegan ink. 


Tattoo artists who are skilled in their field select the colors and saturation of their inks for use straight out of the bottle for customers or to match. This is more difficult for inexperienced or apprentice tattooers.

Here are five pointers to assist you select the best tattoo ink for you:

Check to see that the ink has the correct value.

It’s not simply about being inexpensive, but rather if the ink is truly cheap. Is the ink versatile enough to be mixed? Can it be used for a variety of styles or as a base color in mixing? Will you apply many tattoos over time, or just a few at once?

Is it safe and ethical to perform this operation?

Tattoo ink must be approved as safe and effective on the right side of health and safety standards if you want to be considered. It must also adhere to these guidelines:

1.   Sterilize It

2.   Organic

3.   Shouldn’t be tested on animals

4.   Non-toxic

professionals opinion :

Read reviews from other artists about the advantages and disadvantages of each form of tattoo ink, and do your homework. Check out the ink supplier’s website or watch how the ink performs in action through their professional team or Instagram username.

Take a look at what your consumers have to say about it. Did the ink last through the test of time?

there any sign of control? was it possible to tell where the light source is coming from? the shading still free-flowing and intricate? Are the colors vibrant still? Is linework still sharp and crisp? Anything less than yes, and you should look for something else.

sufficient amount should be available

Verify the legitimacy of the ink with the company that sold it to you and notify the seller/provider immediately if there are any problems. 


tattoo inks may be blended by the tattoo artist before being applied with a tattoo machine. They can be made darker or lighter to the artist’s design preferences for both color and black and gray ink; however, this is usually done by professional artists who enjoy experimenting from their base colors sets.


Yes, to make a wound, you are putting an ink-filled needle under your skin. Make sure you’re aware of and understand the associated hazards. Although there is limited evidence of tattoo ink poisoning, the materials used in colorants are not intended for human consumption.

Tattooing may result in infection, an allergic reaction – especially red ink – and a variety of other health/skin issues. That is why, all the time, new healthcare methods and legislation are being created.

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