Steps to optimise your bedroom for sleep 

Sleep is an essential function that lets your body rest at the end of the day and also recharges your mind and body to face the next day’s challenges energetically. However, it’s not just about sleeping for eight to nine hours; individuals must follow a proper sleep cycle. If you don’t get enough sleep, the brain cannot function well and disrupted sleep cycles can deteriorate sleep quality.

If you find it difficult to sleep at night, there can be many reasons, including uncomfortable bedding. That’s why most people carefully choose quilt covers and mattresses for a peaceful sleep. Studies elucidate that only one of every three Australians gets adequate sleep at night.

From temperature to light, researchers have noticed several aspects of the bedroom can disturb your sleep. Here are the simple tips to transform your bedroom into a peaceful place to sleep.

Choose the best quilt covers.

Invest in covers with moisture-wicking properties and absorb moisture to keep you comfortable. Choose cotton, wool, silk, linen, and bamboo are the best choice. However, you can also consider polyester and synthetic satin to retain moisture, ensuring you stay warm during sleep. The thread count on the sheets isn’t essential but choose a smooth fabric against your skin.

Invest in cosy covers and consider the climate conditions while selecting the fabric. Choose allergen-proof mattress and quality quilt covers if you are allergic to dust or mould. Wash the covers frequently to keep your bedding clean.  

Keep your pillows fresh. 

Pillows are also essential to sleep peacefully, and you should frequently replace the mattresses. If you are using down alternative or poly-fill pillows, replacing them at least once a year is essential. If you have been using buckwheat, memory foam, latex and down pillows, proper maintenance will help you use them well.

If your pillow is not comfortable, it will cause neck pain, back pain or pressure points. People who encounter such issues should scrutinise the pillow condition. Back sleepers can buy a thinner pillow for neck support, while side sleepers should go for a firmer pillow. Stomach sleepers can use a light cushion to sleep well. Keep the pillows clean to eliminate bacteria and allergens that can reduce comfort during your sleep.  

Invest in a comfortable mattress.

It is crucial to replace the mattress every five years as your mattress is a vital part of sleep. Most people keep their beds for more than a decade, but swapping them at the right time will benefit and prevent health problems.

Most people find sleeping well in a hotel easier as the bedding is better. Though you don’t have to change the mattresses regularly, consider investing in new bedding to enhance sleep.  

Maintain a good bedroom environment.

It will be challenging to sleep when the room is hot, and a warmer temperature affects sleep quality and turning on the air-conditioning all night might increase the power bills. However, from keeping your windows open to lightweight bedding, you can try things to keep the room cool.

Wrapping up

These are the things you can do to transform your bedroom environment. Bedding is the most important part, and every aspect of your bed should be considered. Every individual must realise how good bedding can positively influence your sleep cycle. You can purchase quality mattresses and bedding from reputed online stores. So get ready to have a good night’s sleep by investing in quality bedding.

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