Finding images online for your site, blog post or social media content can be a hassle. While there are many image search tools available, Google Advanced Image Search comes in handy as it allows users to rapidly identify a certain image or related images. This article takes a look at what Google Advanced Image Search is and how to effectively use it.

What is Google Advanced Image Search?

Google Advanced Image Search is a Google-owned search engine that lets users look for photos within the internet space. The Advanced Image Search is a standard search result format that organizes and categorizes different types of image results. Many of us, however, overlook or underuse Google’s advanced picture search option, which can help us all conduct more precise image searches.

Benefits of Google Advanced Image Search

Lately, the use of this feature in image search has become common, this comes due to the benefits derived when using this platform. Let us consider some of these benefits 

The main benefits of using Google Advanced Image Search are as follows;

  • Thumbnail preview
  • Sidelining of the main page
  • Larger preview
  • Quick scrolling
  • Quick view

Become a Pro with Google Advanced Image Search

After considering the advantages of Google’s Advanced Image Search, you may wonder, ‘how can I become a pro when using this feature?’ Let us now consider how to become a pro while using this beautiful feature. Below are steps that would help in successfully utilizing this feature.

Step 1: Turn on your device and open a browser application

Step 2: Enter the Google web address, that is; in the address bar in the browser 

Step 3: Click on the “GO” option

Step 4: After the page has loaded, click on the “Images” icon found at the top right-hand corner of the page

Step 5: Search for whatever you are looking for; You would need to look for the desired image using going to the log below Google Images and typing whatever you like or what you’re looking for in the search box. It has to be relevant to what you’re looking for. To begin, press the enter key or return key or click on the icon that has a magnifying glass once you’ve typed in your search query.

Step 6: Locate the Advanced Image Search Options in the menu for Google Settings: When the results from the search display, click the options button on the page’s upper right, immediately below the search icon, to begin an advanced search. After selecting settings, select the advanced search shown in the drop-down menu that appears.

Step 7: Input the words in the search box that are connected to what you’re looking for;

You’ll have more bars for text to fill if you use the advanced searching options. Start by filling in the blanks with terms that describe what you’re looking for best. Inputting image tags, captions, titles, and more are among the possibilities available. Click on every bar and input the terms that correspond to what you’re looking for.

In the advanced search menu, you would find some bars with different titles. At first glance, you may find the bars confusing. Each of these bars represents different things. Let us consider what each of these bars represents;

  • All these words: This is the bar that allows you to look for photographs that contain all words you write, but not particularly with the same sequence in which you typed in.
  • The exact word or phrase: The option here will provide search results with all terms you typed in as tags. This will return results in the exact order that you typed them in. If you’re seeking a certain snippet of information to be found in a photograph, this is a valuable function.
  • Any of these words: The bar looks for images connected to the terms you’ve entered. So, in general, the images that appear will be connected to the information you’ve supplied here, but they won’t necessarily match them all in everything. If you’re looking for numerous distinct things in a photograph, this is a useful option.
  • None of these words: You can use this option to filter out terms you don’t wish Google to search for. In exchange, the Google search engine would then look for images that are not tagged with those phrases you’ve entered. When you suspect the main search word may have numerous meanings, you can use this option to fill it in and tell Google search engine that you aren’t seeking these things.

After you’ve tweaked all the options to your liking, click on Advanced search button to start the search

Do More With Google Advanced Image Search

The Google Advanced image search from Google provides users with options that help you tweak the search with keyword settings that are advanced. Let us take a look at some of these options and what exactly they stand for;

  • Image search: This option lets you search for images with details down to the size.
  • Aspect ratio: The option allows you to search for photos down to the form level of detail, for example, whether the image should be tall, wide, panoramic, or square.
  • Colors in the image: This option helps you determine the color to be found in an image, this includes whether the image should be in black and white or a certain desired color, it can as well be a useful tool for the search of an image with a transparent background.
  • Type of image: You can instruct Google to look for a specific image type, like portrait pictures/ non-portrait pictures, drawings, vectors, or animations, by utilizing this option.
  • Region: This option lets you determine the specific desired geographical location in which the search should be carried out.
  • Site or domain: This option helps you indicate the particular website which the search results are to be gotten.
  • Safe Search: When you select this option, Google will filter out photos automatically that it believes reflect violent or sexual material.
  • File type: With this, you can specify the file type you’re looking for, for example, gif, jpg, or png, and Google will only look for photos in that format.
  • Usage rights: this allows you to narrow down the search to photographs that aren’t protected by copyright. You can use this option to find photographs that you may easily incorporate. Into the website or change them in ways you want.

Wrapping Up

The search engine- Google, is undoubtedly a great tool to use when searching for information. Using this search engine in searching for images is very common, however, a lot of individuals find it challenging. To get the desired results when searching for images, and sometimes the results gotten. Are too much and need to be sorted out to pick the most appealing one.

The Advanced Image Search is a feature by Google that helps you tweak. An image search and streamline results to the desired expectation. By following the steps and tips in this article, you can use this image search tool. As a pro and enhance the quality of your image search experience.

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