The Great Teachers Of India

The Great Teachers Of India

India is a country that holds great things in its history, present, and future. We have always been extremely particular about our education and how we receive an education. For the nation, religion has always been a great source of education. times have changed and so have the interests of people. Currently, as per the ERP full form, a learning management system through digital devices is the standard form of accepted compulsory education. Hybrid classes are also gaining popularity, but the concept of education remains unchanged.

An educational experience is incomplete without a good educator. India has given us great teachers who have contributed to our nation’s development, transforming the meaning of attaining knowledge. Here are some of these great Indian teachers;

●     Chanakya

Indian students must remember Chanakya as an important character in history. He was the royal advisor and teacher of king Chandragupta Maurya. The author of two popular books Arthashastra and Chanakya Niti was a firm believer in the powers of wisdom and knowledge. It was on his policies and philosophies that king Chandragupta was able to become a powerful and wise ruler.

Every student should have a list of teachings from Chanakya Niti. As it consists of sutras that give essential rules to leading a successful life.

●     Rabindra Nath Tagore

Known for his excellence in the fields of literature, philosophy, painting, poetry, songwriting, and many other things. Rabindranath Tagore is one of the most popular teachers who remains a prominent part of every Indian life.

In his words, education and ways of teaching vary from generation to generation. Because our fathers were brought up in different circumstances and different teaching methods. The same teaching methods cannot be applied to a child of the present generation because the situations. And circumstances in which they have grown up are different. With such modern approaches to life, the stories, novels, and poems. Of Kobi guru Rabindranath Tagore are still read by students of all grades.

It is education through the language of music, art, religion. Love, or life, Tagore has expressed it all in his literary works.

●     Swami Vivekananda

India had a lot of freedom fighters with unparalleled intellectual capabilities, and Swami Vivekananda was one of those Indian reformers. As one of the most popular prominent figures as an educator in India, he founded the Ramakrishna mission which was a monastery supporting the gurukul system of education. Present means of education through a learning management system is simply the digitalized and modernized version of the same concept.

Before we learn about subjects, we learn to lead a good life by being a proper person. Similarly, students are taught about swami Vivekananda in the light that they develop a sense of potential in them just like our great teacher and try to become decent individuals first.

●     Doctor APJ Abdul Kalam

Popularly known as the missile man of India for his contribution as a scientist, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was the most loved president of India. Besides being a successful scientist, he was a great integrator of practicing modern educational ideas and teaching his methods of leading a successful life. He had always stressed the importance of education and advocated to spread awareness about it throughout India. In some urban and rural areas, it is he who made it possible for education to reach.

Students should try to lead a life on the modern ideologies set by doctor APJ Abdul Kalam, and try to manifest the life he had dreamed of for all the students of India.

●     Gautama Buddha

Buddhism, enlightenment, and Gautama Buddha are not the only three things that come. To our minds when we think about Buddha. It is education, knowledge, awakening, salvation, and penance that need to be counted in too.

Besides being a believer and founder of Buddhism, Gautama Buddha was also a great teacher. He had initially spread his education through the eightfold path. Which our generation currently learns through books and experienced incidents or stories. If it is enlightenment that students seek, it is Gautama Buddha’s teachings that they have to follow.


Whoever the teacher might become it all boils down to the same conclusion- Becoming an intellectually awoke and educated person. All teachers aspire to make their students succeed in whatever ways possible. Teachers and students should pick out the methods best suited for them and look up to all great teachers. For imbibing all good characteristics within themselves too with the proper practice of knowledge.

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