The Ideal Type of Glass for The Right Drink

Ideal Type of Glass for Right Drink

The drinking experience of a drink is much better if it is served in a suitable container. Indeed, the choice of glasses is not trivial. Each type of container corresponds to a specific drink. It is necessary to respect the categories put in place to preserve the drink at the right temperature while improving the aromas. These are the two essential factors for a good experiment. 

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A distinction is mainly made between wine glasses, cocktail glasses, and specialty glasses.

Wine glasses

They are grouped into three categories:

  • The red wine glass: to aerate the drink, the stemmed glass must have a larger and rounder bowl. It has a long stem to prevent the hand from coming into contact with the red wine, at the risk of heating it. Be aware that there are also plastic goblet models available from a disposable tableware wholesaler.
  • The white wine glass: its bowl is smaller because the mouth surface must be reduced in order to avoid oxidation of the wine. This type of container allows the wine to be preserved on a more delicate and lighter note than normal.
  • The champagne flute: as its name suggests, it is intended to serve champagne, but also sparkling wine. The champagne flute has a high bowl and a very small mouth surface so that the small bubbles do not flatten too quickly.

Cocktail glasses

There are three types:

  • The cocktail glass: the classic container has an inverted cone bowl, available in different sizes. As traditional cocktails have interesting tastes, the shape of this glass has evolved over time. Thanks to the large mouth, the tester can get close enough to the surface of the drink to enjoy its taste and aroma.
  • The glass for large cocktails: also called highball glass, it is intended to serve drinks containing a large quantity of a non-alcoholic recipe. This container has a wider and shorter bowl than the Collins glass, with which it is interchangeable.
  • The low ball glass: the lowball glass has a solid base with 3 to 4 centimeters of liquid. It is used to serve a pure liquor or a drink requiring pure ingredients. There are also categories of cocktail glasses in disposable form, available in the recyclable disposable tableware category.

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Specialty glasses

They are numerous:

  • The Irish coffee glass: to serve Irish coffee and Hot Toddy. It has a handle for comfortable support and is designed with heat-resistant glass.
  • The martini glass: it differs from the classic wine glass by its conical bottom and its larger bowl.
  • The Hurricane cocktail glass: intended to serve the famous Hurricane cocktail. The glass takes on the shape of a hurricane lamp.
  • The snifter glass: it has a very short stem to promote hand contact with the bowl in order to heat its contents. The mouth is short to trap flavors and release odors. This container can be used to serve whiskey, brandy or any type of dark alcohol.

What are the advantages of disposable?

Even for a liquor lover, getting all types of clear stemmed glass is still difficult. This indeed represents a certain investment. Fortunately, it is still possible to buy them in disposable form. Single-use glasses have many advantages for individuals.

No risk of breakage

Plastic tableware has the advantage of being unbreakable. For this, it must obviously be solid and resistant. Opt for copolyester, a totally unbreakable variant of plastic. During your aperitifs, you can favor plastic glasses to serve your different drinks. Thus, your crystal glasses will not risk anything on their shelves!

Different elegant shapes

The disposable cups are designed in an innovative design. Moreover, they imitate glass so well that your guests will only see the fire before actually touching it. These disposable or reusable glasses will also sublimate your table decoration. Whether for a wedding or other luxurious receptions, disposable cups and verrines will perfectly embellish your tableware.

Customizable plastic cups

It is quite possible to characterize your stemmed glasses and your champagne flutes according to your desires. Personalization will make them unique. For this, opt for pretty texts or images. You can order them together with other disposable products such as plates, cutlery, tablecloths, and paper napkins. The choice of disposable will make your aperitifs less formal and warmer.

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