At Goat Field, we put ourselves in your skin before we put ourselves on your. Therefore, we strive to understand YOUR, the environment in which it evolves, and YOUR lifestyle to offer you a personalized response.

More than ever, we are guided by a more reasoned, safer, and more responsible approach to skincare.

Sarah’s Excessive Routine

In this episode, Sarah embarks on an endless beauty ritual. The problem? She puts on a little too much!

The Goat Field approach for Sarah, “you are under 35… do not over treat your with useless products which risk unbalancing it and making it age more quickly… we recommend a rational product routine: daily Pure without superfluous ingredients and only a Pure Active to treat your problem in a targeted way”.

Antoine’s minimalist routine

In this episode, Antoine has just come out of the shower. His routine? Wipe your face, look in the mirror, and put on deodorant. In other words, nothing.

The Goat Field approach for Antoine: “We respect your desire for a “hyper minimalist” routine, but if you don’t take care of your skin daily, you run the risk of seeing clearly visible imbalances appear (redness, pimples, etc.) … We recommend a routine consisting of just 2Pure Treatments cleanser and a moisturizer adapted to your skin type, that’s all!

Fanny’s unsuitable routine

In this episode, Fanny is in her parents’ bathroom. She spots an anti-aging serum belonging to her mother. But is it suitable for his skin?

The Goats Field approach for Fanny: No, the miracle cream does not exist… On the other hand, the miracle routine does! All you must do is cleanse and moisturize your skin daily with biomimetic treatments and we recommend that you always have an SOS Pure Active in your kit, anti-pimple for example, to treat certain problems locally and on time.

The Goats Field approach is a reasoned approach to skincare, separating skincare from active ingredients. To have daily Pure Care rid of the superfluous, and when necessary, treatment active ingredients.

Take care of your skin daily

Biomimetic Pure Care is formulated without active ingredients, to give the just what it needs, without overtreating it. They have been specially created to get back to what is essential: cleanse and moisturize your skin every day to protect it.

It is because the better assimilates what looks like it, that our goat milk products are formulated with a maximum of biomimetic ingredients, in perfect affinity with the skin. Identical or like those naturally present in the skin, the biomimetic components optimize the tolerance but also the effectiveness of our products like goat milk soap.

Dealing with problems when necessary

In addition to Pure Care, Pure Actives are applied locally to treat occasional problems. Each Asset is a specific response to a problem, and only one.

They will act in a targeted way thanks to the patented technology. This patent improves the permeability of the and promotes the penetration of the Pure Active to enable it to act precisely where the needs it.

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