Tips and Tricks for Running Toilet Repair

No one likes a constantly running toilet, because not only is it frustrating but also costly. Calling the plumber, again and again, is a total wastage of time and money. The toilet problems are a result of different issues like the filling up of the toilet valve, flapper, and float. 

Today, we have brought the solution to all your toilet flapper issues, your float problems, and the valve malfunctioning. You need to stop, at the earliest to eradicate inconvenience. The easy running toilet repair ideas that you can do at your home, anytime you witness such a problem are-

  1. Replacement of the flapper or fill valve.
  2. Tightening or losing the chain.
  3. Adjusting the float.

Other than these methods, there are many other alternatives that you can go for to save lots of money. But before that, let us understand what makes the toilet run.

What Makes the Toilet Run?

It is tricky to find the reason why your toilet is running. But, there is something that will take you in the right direction as to why your toilet is running?

When you are looking at the water tank of your toilet, then do locate the overflow valve. And if you find that the water is running into your overflow valve then the cause of the problem is your fill valve.

If the level of water in the overflow valve is below the actual line of the mark then the cause of 

If your flapper chain is too long then unhook it and move it down a few links. It will require a few. The problem is your toilet’s flapper. So, let us read in detail about the problems for your toilet to run and their solutions as well.

Tips and Tricks for the Toilet Flapper Problem

What is a flapper?

A toilet flapper is a rubber paddle that we use to cover the opening of the flush valve. It is present at the bottom of the toilet tank. You can witness problems with your flush valve due to the following three things-

  1. The long length of the chain.
  2. The short length of the chain.
  3. The flapper is no longer worth using.

So, how can we investigate that the flapper has gone wrong? You have to follow the following methods to check whether your flapper is ok or not. And after your toilet is completely drained, first look at the flapper chain. trial to perfectly match the accurate length. Once you manage to get the right length of the flapper you will restore your running toilet.

But, what if the flapper is too short? If you witness that the length of your flapper is short, in that case, you need to pull it up a few inches, till it does not meet the actual length. Remember that the length of your flapper chain should be good enough so that it rests flush with the base of the tank.

But, even after adjusting the flapper chain your toilet tank is still not filling up. Then in that case the only option left to you is to change the flapper. In that case, you need to know how the flapper connects with the overflow valve. It happens in two ways-

  1. With the help of the ears on the side that helps you to unhook.
  2. It can also slip over the top of the overflow valve.

A day-to-day flapper for around $5 will suit all your requirements.

Tips and Tricks to Adjust the Toilet Float

We need a float to measure the accurate level of water in the fill valve. We have two kinds of toilet floats. The first one is the one with a cup and the second one has a ball. In a ball float, we have a ball at the end of the rod. And in a cup float, there is an afloat with an O shape that moves up and down the fill valve.

If the problem in your toilet is due to float, then follow the following guidelines to repair the ball or the cup of the float.

  1. In a ball float, you only need to bend the rod gently up and down to change the level of water.
  2. On the other hand in a cup float, we have a metal spring clip that is connected to a metal rod that controls the water level in the fill valve. Therefore, here you need to pinch both the ends of the metal spring and then change the level of the float.

When the float reaches the accurate level in both ball and cup float. You need to release the spring clip, and you are good to go.

If none of this works, then it is that your toilet has a problem with the fill valve, and you need to replace it. If the situation goes out of hand and nothing works. Then the only alternative left is to call a plumber. 

Do let us know whether the tips and tricks for a running toilet were beneficial for you or not.

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