Top 6 Benefits of Laurel Leaf Essential Oil

Essential oils are a very trending substance that we get to hear in our daily life, be it on the television, on labels of cosmetics, and in many other places. They are also an ingredient in cosmetics, medicines, and sometimes in body relaxing beverages such as green tea and normal teas. There are many benefits these oils have. In this article, we will be spelling out a few of the benefits one can avail of from laurel leaf essential oil.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are volatile chemical molecules taken from plants that retain the qualities of the flower, such as aroma and flavor, and are acquired through mechanical processing and distillation. However, essential oils are not oils in the literal sense; they are considered essential for the simple reason because they contain the essence of the source from which they are extracted.

What is laurel essential oil?

Laurel essential oil is derived from the bay leaf and is processed to bring out the essence of the leaf into the oil. It smells almost like a eucalyptus leaf.

Benefits of laurel essential oil

1. Improves respiratory system

  • Inhaling laurel leaf essential oil helps in making space in the respiratory tract and removing mucus and other material from the respiratory system. It gives instant relief to people who are suffering from breathing problems, blocked noses, and other such problems.
  • It has antibacterial properties. They are very helpful in killing bacterial and viral infections in the respiratory system. It can give immense relief to a person suffering from cold and cough.

2. Better menstrual flow

Laurel leaf essential oil is helpful to stimulate menstrual flow. For women who complain of having irregular and improper menstrual flow, laurel leaf essential oil can do wonders!

If used for massaging the abdominal area by diluting with any other carrier oil, it can also provide relief from menstrual cramps and can help in relaxing the muscles of the uterus.

3. Pain reliever

Laurel leaf essential oil has antispasmodic properties that can help in relieving pain. It works best in healing joint and muscular pains like gouts, arthritis, etc.

4. Heals wounds

The antibacterial properties of laurel leaf essential oils make it very easy for wounds to heal and speed up the recovery of wounds. When diluted with water or any other carrier oil. It is used in first aid kits because it is very useful in cleaning wounds, cuts, and bruises

5. Promotes hair growth

  • Laurel leaf essential oil contains astringent. They tighten the grip of hair follicles and prevent the possibility of hair fall. It ensures that hair and the roots become stronger and promotes hair growth.
  • Other than this it helps in making the hair shinier, reducing dandruff, and moisturizing the scalp when applied onto the hair. Thus, it helps in having healthy and long hair.

6. Relieve headaches

Laurel leaf essential oils are one of the best cures for headaches and migraine attacks. It can help relax muscles of the head and ease the pain because they contain methanol, which consists of pain-relieving properties. Thus, if you complain of having a headache, just rub two or three drops of diluted peppermint oil and done!

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