Top 7 Packaging Tips To Excel In The Market

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Effective packaging boost sales

You can’t be living in 2022, owning a small business, and using packaging only to protect your product. Packaging is beyond that. It is not just limited to simple cardboard boxes to shop and protect your brand from jolts and damages. Packaging has become a strong marketing strategy, and if you use it correctly, it can do wonders.

 It is a tool to convert potential buyers to your customers. Packaging can enhance your brand reach and can boost sales. Packaging can leave an everlasting impression on the customer’s mind and allows you to expand your creativity. 77% of consumers make their first impression about your brand by just looking at your packaging, so how can you not work on it.

Packaging is a growing sector. With increasing demand and items, manufacturers are now coming up with custom printed Boxes. Thousands of competitors are selling out the same thing. What makes a consumer pick your brand over the other thousands of options available? Even if your product is better than others, they wouldn’t know because they could only see the outer packaging. What differentiates one product from another is the packaging. Let’s learn together how to allure your audience with luxury printed boxes.

Seven tips to increase your brand reach by using custom boxes wholesale

1.     Use customized packaging for your brand

Using attractive and compelling designs, custom printed boxes can grab the maximum attention of the customer. Moreover, the use of the latest printing technologies like Offset printing, digital printing, flexography, and lithography to print your custom boxes with beautiful visuals and taglines. Be creative as much as you want to make your brand stand out. Make sure to add important information about your brand. Your custom boxes wholesale should be an idol tool for marketing your brand; hence the use of appealing visuals can target the right audience.

Don’t forget; your primary target is to entice the customers. Using different themes with catchy graphics and Colour techniques like CMYK and PMS will make your customer enchanted at first glance. Furthermore, you can go for embossing and Debossing to engrave your brand logo. Make sure to make your logo and other important information noticeable. Finishing techniques can give your custom printed boxes a luxurious look. You can use a vivid range of finishing methods like matte, Gloss lamination, and UV spot to deliver your boxes a professional and impeccable look.

2.     Make sure your packaging is highly communicative.

We all know effective communication creates understanding between two people. It helps them comprehend two ideas in a better way. The same thing works between a retailer and a consumer. Packaging bridges the gap between them; hence your packaging should communicate your brand very well. Packaging represents your brand. Mentioning your brand story is highly effective in getting sympathy and hope.

Mentioning every detail regarding your product on your custom boxes will gain your customer’s trust and make a confident decision. For example, while buying a cosmetic brand or any food product, your customer must worry about the expiration date, longevity, and ingredients. However, if you mention every detail regarding your brand, your customers will be more inclined toward your product.

Add promotional elements to highlight your brand.

Social media serves as a gateway to expanding businesses. You connect to a larger audience and keep them updated from time to time. Mentioning your social media presence on custom printed boxes will give a chance for your customers to interact with the brand and reinforce future dealings.

Everyone loves anything that is offered for free or at lower prices. Offering discount codes, vouchers, or raffle coupons increases your brand exposure and positively advertises your product. It’s the best possible way anyone could do to attract potential customers. The added leverage will lure them to purchase your product.

Use the different styles of boxes.

Your customer should be your priority, and giving them the best unboxing experience is your goal. Your different custom boxes for your various product can give you an unforgettable experience. There are multiple options for custom boxes like tray and sleeve boxes, two-piece boxes, cube carrier boxes, etc. Try to add variation and stay up with the trend. Customers can quickly get bored by seeing the same boxes around. Using different stylish and convenient boxes can increase your customer excitement level and build brand insignia.

Suppose you are looking for custom gift boxes for your product; then, you can go for a slide with a tray. If you want to pack your food product like pizza, you can go for triangle boxes or tray boxes. Try to go as per your packaging need, and don’t forget that presentation matters.

 Go for sustainable packaging solutions.

With the environment’s safety, many businesses and even customers have changed their consumption choices. About 80% of consumers have moved towards sustainable packaging options. They are aware of the hazard that is spreading in the environment, hence choosing eco-friendly brands in packaging. Designing your custom boxes wholesale with biodegradable and recyclable material can meet the standard of eco-minded customers. A product with a sustainable standard is perceived as a trustworthy brand and will have long-lasting and loyal customers.

Use premium quality material.

First things first, choosing the suitable material. The main purpose of packaging boxes is to prevent the product from being damaged. To ensure this, we must choose something vital like rigid set-up boxes. Packaging companies must use high-quality packaging since it adds weight to the box and gives a more luxurious feel.

Besides the representation of the product, brands should also consider the long-term use of their packaging. Many customers keep holding the product packaging long after the original purchase to reuse it, which creates a long-lasting brand impression.

Keep yourself updated with the upcoming trends.

Since packaging is an evolving industry, you should be updated with the latest marketing tactics to appeal to the customers’ good senses. For example, people are now preferring vintage-inspired designs. Interactive packaging has also been introduced where users can use QR codes to learn more about the product. Make sure you make your packaging relevant!

Final words

Packaging is an integral part of life. So, if your company wants to increase sales and attract more customers to your custom kraft boxes, it should follow the tips outlined in this article, and as a consequence, its business will expand in a short period.

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