Top Treks in Himachal Pradesh

Top Treks in Himachal Pradesh

Calling themselves as the descendants of Alexander, the great is what Malana Village is famous for. Malana Village is a famous place and renowned as the first village to follow democratic principles and is located in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. It is also part of Chandrakani and Deo Tibba mountain peaks. In order to reach the village you must start from Bhuntar-Manikaran highway to Jari. From Jari after taking a 14 kilometers journey you will reach the base camp of Malana Village. From the base you just need to trek for about 3 kilometers to reach the village and it only takes about 1 hour. There are numerous water springs for you to refill the water and maintain  hydration. But you must remember before going to the village that there are some places that you must not touch and visit like the Jamadagni Rishi temple etc. These people are very particular about their culture and social norms and you will only become surprised to see such traditions in the village. 

Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass Trek is located in Himachal Pradesh and in order to reach the base camp of Hampta Pass you must arrive at Manali. And ensure that you reach Manali by 8am in the morning so that you can get ample time for refreshment and get ready for the trek. From Manali you have to reach Jobra in 2 hours, which is the base camp of Hampta Pass Trek. This you can reach by a private cab as there are no local buses available. As Hampta Pass is accessible to trekkers foreground 4 months in a year that is from June to September. So you must plan your trek accordingly and reach the base camp Jobra. From Jobra it is an easy trail of about 2 kilometers that goes through Deodar trees. And for that you will be camping overnight at Chika. Next day,  you will head towards Balu ka Ghera, which is a 9 kilometers trek and hence is the longest day of the trek. Then you will be moving to Shigru while crossing Hampta Pass and trekking for 7 kilometers to reach Shigru. This trek would be on the snowline of the Himalayan ranges and Shigru would be the coldest of all the campsites of Hampta Pass. Next day is the time to trek to Chatru for 7 kilometers and thus comp,eyeing the whole trek with 4 days on to the summit. 

Tosh Trek

Tosh valley trek is part of Parvati valley trek and is one of the easiest treks of Himachal Pradesh and can be done by beginners. And many beginners choose Tosh to start their trekking life. So in order to reach the village you must start from Buntar, which you must teach from Delhi. And then get a local bus from Bhuntar to reach Barshaini. From Barshaini you can start a hike to Tosh, which is 5 kilometers away. The hike is a pleasure as you can find many pine trees along with beautiful streams. So the village is an uphill village and you will have to hike in a steep manner to move around the village. In the village you can find some amusing places like the lush green mountains, fascinating flora and fauna. And this also brings you to see many restaurants that also offer Tibetan special food. So you must try trekking to Tosh village in Himachal Pradesh. 

Kheerganga Trek 

Kheerganga trek starts from Kullu in Himachal Pradesh, which you can reach via Mandi district. The whole journey to Kullu is accompanied by Beas river that originates in Beas Kund and you will get scenic views of Beas river. After passing the tunnel you will have to reach Bhuntar from Kullu and then turn to Kasol road from Bhuntar. Now this road is fully surrounded by pine trees apart from Beas river, which doubles the experience of cherishing nature. From Kasol you will be heading to Barshaini, which is the base camp of the trek. If you are a seasoned trekker, then you will easily reach the uphill within 4 hours. The best part of the trek is that you will find Deodar trees all along the trail. After reaching the hill, you will find many camps and you can choose one among them to stay overnight. In the morning you can experience the majestic sunrise along with the hot springs of the Kheerganga. In this way you can complete this memorable trek while descending down the hill to Barshaini. 

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