Toto Site Vs Eating Site


At first, the scam sites did not have the capital, so they either ate the deposited amount right away, or cut only the members with a large amount of money exchanged.

It is judged as the starting point of the scam sites. At some point, the site is registered as a scam site in their own scam site, which is changing a lot for users who use it, and new members are also reluctant to join the scam site.

The trick that these scam sites came up with is to change the name and domain of the scam site from the beginning and operate it as if it were another Toto site.

In this way, due to a completely different Toto site with a new name, members who do not know that the site was previously a scam site are starting to appear, and they are again promoting excessive money and exaggerated events to attract members. Users who use the Toto site are being scammed again by the same scam site. In addition, the above is the method that the scam sites used in the beginning, and while operating those methods as basic textbooks, they are extorting more money from users with various fraudulent methods.

These days, when exchanging money on a scam site, they require an additional charge of at least 10% to 30% of the amount exchanged as a deposit or code value. For the safety of their account, it is only applied to members who exchange money for the first time, and if you do this once, it will automatically go out from the next exchange. There must be a lot of users who have suffered from this method. It’s a pity that I’m going to do it once, so I’m getting more and more degenerated in this way to extort money from users. If you put only 10% of the exchange amount, you can receive the full amount of money exchanged. The scam site made good use of this psychology that makes you think of profits in front of you.

Various meaningless jokes and events

So, the more money users make to win a lot of money by conducting various events and excessive money, the more the profits fall to them, so they made good use of that point. Assuming that I was also a regular user without running ‘Eat and eat’, I could suffer a loss from these eat-and-run sites at least once. As such, people have to exercise restraint and judgment, but when money is in front of a large amount of money, it is not human. It is true that the more damage there is, the more users leave the Toto site. If you are a member of a private toto site for the first time or a member who has been victimized by several scam sites, all of those private toto 메이저사이트 will look like him and feel the proof of the private toto site. For this reason, the reality is that users who really love Sports Toto are leaving the private Toto site. They don’t really care because they don’t care about the scam sites and they only have a vicious mind that only has to make them hungry, but the private toto sites that are officially operated with strong capital are a huge loss as users leave.

Toto site operating in Korea

First of all, sites operated locally are more dangerous than sites operated abroad. As bettors who have visited Eat Commerce will know of course, there are a lot of private Toto sites. Every day, dozens or even hundreds of them are created and scam sites are active by changing domains and site names again.

As a result of this, the damage caused by the eat-and-run is also on the rise.

The “how to prevent eating and drinking” is very simple, but it is not uncommon for ordinary bettors to either know it or not because they do not know it. We are sorry to hear that you are not reading the posts even if we try to minimize the damage in our food commerce… Thousands of Toto site open and close every day. Among such sites, there are only a handful of companies that officially operate overseas. So, most of the sites that are scammed change the bankbook they receive money from anyway, and also change the site name and domain periodically.

So, when we check the Toto site, we check the site domain from the time the domain was created.

In the case of a company that was recently created after domain verification, we do not accept it as an authentication company. Even if you can fake a domain that is older than a year, we have a separate way to verify it. However, in the case of bettors, they do not know how to do this, so you may be wondering if there is a way to know.

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