Union Public Service Commission: 5 steps to prepare for the Exam

Union Public Service Commission 5 steps to prepare for the Exam

What are the Union Public Service Commission Exams?

The Union Public Service Commission examination in India or the UPSC  as it is commonly known is considered to be one of the touch examinations that are held annually across the country. The objective of this examination is to find and recruit cadets who will be responsible for handling the internal affairs of the country as well as representing it to the Global world.

Through this examination it becomes possible for the UPSC panel to select the best group of the cadets after they are tested  on a variety of parameters across several examinations. Therefore, to succeed on this examination it is of utmost importance for prospective students to prepare effectively for this examination. 

Every year lakhs of candidates sit for this examination out of which only 1000 hopefuls are selected. It is because of this reason that students are required to showcase the dedication towards preparing for the examination from the primary stage which will thereby increase their chances of succeeding in the examination.

5 steps to prepare for the exam

In the given section 5 important steps have been highlighted that will provide support to prospective students who intend to prepare for the examinations. Through the help of these steps it will be possible to get clarity on how the examination is held as well as how to start preparing for the same.

  1. Learn about the exam pattern: One of the first steps that  needs to be undertaken by any prospective students intending to sit for this examination is to learn in detail about the exam pattern. This is because the UPSC exam pattern is considered to be one of the most complex and difficult to understand. It involves three different stages where three different kinds of examinations are undertaken that test students. Hence when students have clarity regarding the examination pattern it allows them to prepare for the same accordingly and thereby have better advantage when it comes to succeeding in the same.
  2. Learn about the syllabus:  the second most important step that used to be undertaken by the prospective students intending to appear for this examination is to learn in detail about the syllabus. The UPSC examination tests the students on a variety of subjects with the major objective being to gain a better understanding of the effect that the future cadets have on the country. In such a situation each subject has a detailed syllabus provided for students thereby allowing them to prepare accordingly. It is only when students have clarity about the syllabus that they will be able to prepare the subjects and thereby have better chances to succeed. There are several online course selling website available that can provide information to the students regarding the syllabus. 
  3. Get Information about the Booklist: It is also important for the prospective students to gain clarity on the books that will be required for them to take to prepare for these examinations. As there are several subjects which students need to prepare for, therefore it is important for them to find the right books that can guide them accordingly. In Last few years there have been several platforms to create and sell online courses available that have been fundamental in providing support to students by providing the information about the necessary books that are required to prepare for this examination.
  4. Find the best educators: One all the previous steps will be undertaken, the next steps towards undertaking the search for the best educators who can provide better guidance to students appearing for this examination. There are several online as well as offline educator’s available for experience in providing support and guidance to students appearing for the examination and has helped many to become successful in becoming a UPSC success story.
  5. Develop a Routine: The final step includes developing a strong routine where the students will be able to manage the huge syllabus and prepare for this exam accordingly. Having a structured framework will allow the students to cover the syllabus and hence become successful.


It can therefore be concluded that by following these five steps, it will be possible for aspirants to start preparing for this examination effectively. 

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