Ways to Keep the Shipment Cost Low for Online Businesses

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In the field of commerce, the researchers found that in online shopping most customers refuse to get their parcels due to the high cost of shipping and custom taxes. The international trade consultant will guide the exporters to keep the parcel on a low budget so that clients can easily buy them. The sales development consultant is the one who supervises the right sale strategies and tactics to engage more customer interests. There are several ways you can keep your online product price low by changing the local taxes and shipment costs.

Minimize the parcel weight

While in international trade of a product what actually matters for shipment packing is the weight of the parcel. The weight costs money to the customers. The more the local customs when there is a heavy package for shipment depending on the weight and dimension. You can have a better solution with some improved ideas.

  • Pack your product in the folded or corrugated boxes to keep the weight minimum as compared to the normal cardboard boxes.
  • Use the material for packing that has very less weight. There are many types of such packing materials like air pillows, bubble wrapping sheets, foam material, paper wrapping, etc.
  • Make customized packing for your product. In this way, your packing will match the product shape and size so it will reduce the weight of extra packing material.

Make packing of the right size

While thinking about lowering the shipping cost for the customers, you have to make sure that your packing size meat the shipping cost. The customer should not be bound to pay extra because of the large packing size. While ordering the right packaging for your export or shipping, the international trade consultant will guide you to choose the right packing size and type to save extra money on both ends.

Remain updated on the changing rates

You have to keep your price above the bottom line so that you may not get cut down. There is a time to time revival of shipping costs and rates adjustment. Every year there is an increase in the rates of shipping due to the increase in fuel and labor costs. A sales development consultant will take a look at the fluctuating rates of shipping to make your product sell on the targeted profit.

Local pickup and delivery services

In most online shopping, the customers desire to buy the product from online stores and have delivered to their doorsteps. If you give the customers pick and delivery services they will more likely to attract to the online shipping. These services also help you to have a chance of increased client networks for your product sale. You will have a chance to make your shipment on time to improve the customer experience.


There are many ways to keep your clients engaged with the online shopping process by keeping their costs low. The international trade consultant and sales development consultant is responsible to keep your product value reasonable with some simple and important modifications.

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