Ways To Maintain Discipline in Online Classes

Students trying to create chaos in class is something that teachers deal with every day, but the difficult task is to stop them from doing so and make them stay disciplined during the lecture. Because if students don’t stay in discipline and at their best behaviour it wouldn’t be possible for the teachers to teach & students to learn. During the offline classes, teachers were present in front of students, this made their work easier to keep students focused on their studies and avoid them from getting distracted. But as

education has been geared toward the online world during the pandemic period, and teachers are required to take online classes on the live teaching app, they are trying to find the ways or methods to maintain discipline during the online classes. As teachers are not physically present to monitor the students, does this mean that teachers can’t do anything to maintain discipline in the online classes? Well, it’s not the case, there are some ways through which teachers can stop indiscipline in online classes. 

Here are those ways through which teachers can maintain discipline in online classes.

Set the Rules: Just like offline classes have their own set of rules and regulations that are needed to be followed by the students, teachers need to set some rules for online classes too. When teachers make rules and instruct students to follow them, they make students realize that online classes are not much different from offline classes. The thing which has changed is only the mode of teaching and learning, this will make students behave properly and well mannered.

For example, teachers can make this rule for students to keep their mics off during the lecture and ask them to write their queries and inform students that they can ask questions ten minutes before the end of the lecture, during these ten minutes teachers will answer all queries. Doing so will prevent any unnecessary interruptions while the teacher is teaching.

Follow the Time-Table: In offline classes, there is a time-table for every subject, class and section that teachers and students follow. Doing the same, teachers need to create a timetable or online classes too, which they should circulate among students to inform them to follow the same. Creating a timetable always avoids any unnecessary confusion and miscommunication between teachers and students, teachers and teachers following this subject teachers can teach suitably and can maintain discipline in their respective classes

Eliminate the Distractions: As we know during online classes students learn from the comfort and safety of their homes, which is one of the major plus points of online education. But getting too comfortable can make students sloppy & inattentive resulting in a lack of concentration during class and creating a ruckus.

To avoid such situations teachers need to communicate clearly with the parents of students. They need to create a proper learning environment at home and keep a tab on children. And parents should keep checking in between the lectures that the child is studying in the class or not. 

Keep the Camera On: How do teachers take their online classes? So even if you don’t have cameras always-on, tell students to turn them on once-twice during the class. 

Keep Students Engaged: Online classes can become monotonous if the teacher keeps speaking and students listen. Give them tricky maths puzzles with answers to keep them busy & in the discipline.

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