What Are The Things You Should Do In Thailand?

Travel lovers have several destinations on their bucket lists. Some like to go to the hills by vechicle one can install land rover defender accessories for packing stress or go beach surfing, whereas some have a taste for cultural destinations and lesser-known places. While Thailand has many gorgeous islands to explore, riding a tuk-tuk is a must. If you spend a few weeks in Thailand, consider taking a street food tour or checking the floating markets. 

Aside from regular travel spots, Thai massages are famous for lowering stress and improving athletic performance. Eating bugs is customary in Thailand if you don’t have the heart to eat a crispy fried scorpion. It is a country where boredom never exists. So, pack your bags while we take you on a virtual trip to Thailand, South East Asia’s number one tourist location. 

Hop-On A Tuk-Tuk 

A tuk-tuk ride in Thailand is an absolute must. It defines transport in Thailand and is a business lifeline for Thai locals. They are more common than taxis and typically cheaper depending on how well you negotiate. If it’s your first visit to Bangkok, go exploring the lovely Thailand city attractions at night, such as the well-lit famous temples, or engage in a cultural tour with food.   

Whizzing around busy Bangkok may get tiring for you. Consider hemp to manage physical and emotional stress.  

Meet National Status-Declared Elephants 

The elephant is Thailand’s national symbol. You will find elephants everywhere in Thailand–carved into temples, on beer cans. Images of the gentle giants find ample use in Thailand. In the 15th century, the Thai elephants were utilized to fight against the Burmese, Khmer, and Malay enemies. The noble elephants have played a key role in Thailand’s transport and labor for the country’s development. 

You can rehabilitate elephants previously put to work in the tourism industry by supporting community efforts and protecting their future.   

Visit Chiang Mai Temples 

Chiang Mai is a must on any trip to Thailand. Over 300 temples take you through the history of the Lanna Kingdom and show how Buddhism has shaped over the centuries. The golden Buddha statues, the incense scent, detailed carvings, and contrasting colors help you explore several wats (wat means temple in the local language).  

Chiang Mai is an up-close look at Buddhism and lets travelers dip deep into the local Thai culture. Save three days in your itinerary for Chiang Mai.    

Discover Floating Markets   

No Thailand trip is complete without visiting the floating markets. It is one of the nation’s biggest tourist attractions and treats you with local delicacies, picturesque views, colors, and chaos. If you are a sucker for mangoes, don’t forget to check out Bang Khla Floating Market. Damnoen Saduak floating market has a maze of vendors serving boat noodles to local handicrafts.         

Thai floating markets help you indulge in fresh seafood from the morning’s catch, noodle dishes, and Thai desserts. Pick delicious fruits and vegetables and soft sticky rice from the canal boats. Skip lunch before checking a floating market.   

Take A Wildlife Tour Of Khao Yai National Park 

Thailand’s best national park for regular visitors and was established in 1962. Khao Yai means ‘large mountain’ in Thai. The park has evergreen forests and grasslands. Khao Rom is Khao Yai park’s highest peak. The impressive wildlife makes it a must for mammal watching. Pig-tailed macaques, gibbons, porcupines, sambar deer, otters, and jackals leave you spell-bound.  

The 440 bird species and the great hornbill are a forever delight. Take the help of a guide to scout through the park for a date with wild animals and birds.   

Go Island-Hopping 

Thailand has over 300 islands. Most of them are tourist destinations. So, if a Thai visit is on the cards, visit some of the most popular islands and bays in long-tail boats. First-time visitors to the Thai city can rent a kayak and tour through coves and the beaches at your own pace.  

Plan to visit as many islands as possible during your trip. If you don’t wish to move around much, read up about the islands and visit accordingly. Spend a few days in Thailand doing island hopping to help you unwind from chaotic city life.  

Drop By At The Grand Palace 

The Grand Palace is the perfect venue to start your historical tour of Thailand. It has been the residence of the royals for several generations. It has one of the holiest Buddhist temples, Wat Phra Kaew. The Palace also shows the capital city, Bangkok’s rich history. 

The Grand Palace was designed in a rectangular space. It is the official residence of the monarch of Thailand and is used to host several functions and official ceremonies. Visitors can also find The Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the most sacred Buddhist Thai temple in the Grand Palace.   

The Takeaway 

While visiting Thailand, be on your best behavior when visiting temples. Avoid public displays of affection. It’s not appreciated here. Stay away from riding elephants here. Instead, visit an elephant sanctuary and contribute to their welfare.   

You will come across many coconut sellers in Thailand. Order one just for a few baht to quench your thirst.  

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