What is a proxy, and why do people use them?

You get access to a website but through a different IP address. Your information and identity will remain hidden if you use a proxy for data scraping on different websites.

Types of proxies

Following are the three main types of proxies:

1. Mobile proxies

Different digital devices connected to the internet will help you access websites without revealing your own identity. The device would replace your original IP with other.

2. Residential proxies

You get a residential proxy from an internet service provider. The IP address you will get would be attached to an original physical location, and no one would ever know that you are using it.  

3. Datacenter proxies

You don’t get this proxy from internet service providers. You get this from a corporation that sells private IPs so you can use the internet without revealing your original identity. Many users would use the same proxy at the same time.

Proxies’ further division:

Proxies are further divided into two types so you need to know it if you want proxy selling process work for you.

Shared proxies

You won’t be the only owner of the IP address. Many other people might be using the IP address as yours if you buy a shared proxy.

Dedicated proxies

An exclusive type of proxy. An IP address will get assigned to you only. It is known as a dedicated proxy.

How can you start affiliated proxy selling?

Do you want to start selling proxies, but you would need a little help? Well, in this case, you should get affiliated with a company from where you can buy proxies at a quite lower rate and then further sell it at higher prices. 

Don’t worry; the proxies you will be sharing will get sold under your company’s name. Your logo will be there on your website. You will be just a customer to a company from where you will get getting your proxies and sell them under your name.

Steps of getting affiliated with a proxy selling company

What type of proxy would you like to sell? The company you are choosing to get affiliated with will have its rate for every type of proxy. You can select it later once you make your website on the company’s website. So, here are easy steps for making an affiliated account from where I will be able to start selling proxies:

Create your account

It is quite obvious that first, you will have to create your own account on the company’s website. Getting affiliated with a company would be the first step. Just be very careful with the account details. Try to make an account username that no one would be able to know that this is your account. Just be very careful with the password as well.

Link your bank account to it

Once you are done creating your account now, it will be time to link your bank account with your company’s account. The money you will be spending for buying proxies from the company will get deducted from your bank account. So, the number two step is to link your account that is working, or else you won’t be able to buy proxies.

An API key

You will have to create your API key and be very careful while you are selecting scopes, plus double-check the read and write boxes if there are any. Once you enter it, you will get a token under your API key to create a website.

Time to build your website

Now it is time to build your own website from where you will be selling your proxies at a higher rate after buying them from the affiliated company at quite lower rates. You will get the billing information on your website and double-check the details before you enter and save it.

Add billing details

Once you are done with the website now, it is time to change the billing details and enter the amount on which you would like to sell your proxies. Try to sell proxies at higher prices so you will be able to make more profit.

Get an IP address for your droplet

When your website gets accepted by the company’s website, then you will need to notify the company about it so they will publish your website. You will go to your account and get the IP address of your company droplet.

Once all these steps are done, you are good to go and start selling your proxies. 

The final words:

You can definitely make good money out of this business. This is totally legal and white label work, and you just have to find a trustworthy company for affiliation. We have already talked about the steps that you will have to follow when you select a company to get affiliated with. You will be running your own proxy website, and you will get all the credit.

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