What is FOSTAC (Food Safety Training and Certification)?

What is FOSTAC (Food Safety Training and Certification)?

FSSAI, the country’s food supervisory organization, has issued new standards for the import, labeling, and packaging of food goods launched in India, in order to alleviate concerns about low-quality products entering the Indian subcontinent. Last year, the supervisory authority issued a notice to begin the Regulations for Food Importers.

An FSSAI licensing expert can assist you with FSSAI compliance and knows and follows the most recent laws, making the entire process of obtaining the FSSAI central license or FSSAI import license very simple. Food company owners should contact these consultants and take use of their services.Various food items have different specifications. The goal is to guarantee that the appropriate precautions for that specific food product are executed.

What is FOSTAC?

FOSTAC trainer, or Food Safety Training and Certification, is a training programmed launched by the Food Safety & Standard Authority of India (FSSAI) with the goal of increasing food safety and standards knowledge among food company operators. According to the regulations of the FSSAI Act, every food industry owners must have a trained and certified employee on their premises to ensure food safety. This article delves into the Food Safety Training and Certification (FOSTAC).

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) have launched a new project named FOSTAC. (Food Safety Training and Certification). FSSAI and Equinox have collaborated to launch the Food Safety Supervisor Program.

How to get FSSAI license?

Well! There are three categories of FSSAI licenses, which are classified according to on the amount of business, turnover, and location. In general, if an FBO’s annual sales are more than Rs.12 lakhs but less than Rs.20 crores, an FSSAI state license is required, and if it is moreover Rs.20 crores, an FSSAI central license is required.

An FBO must submit the application Form B, along with the appropriate papers, to the concerned government in order to receive the FSSAI state or central license.

An FSSAI license/registration can be obtained for a term of one to five years. An FBO is needed to renew FSSAI regulations for nutraceuticals in order to ensure continued compliance. Food businesses are also expected to notify FSSAI of any changes to their operations or products, and to file for the necessary modifications to their FSSAI license. If an FBO does not follow the laws and regulations of the FSSAI, he must pay a large penalty.


The food control safety measure is required to bridge the gap between safe food and contaminated food. The food sector requires more adaptable standards that are also efficient in the production and marketing of food, finally offering customers with a protective sheet. The FSSAI’s involvement in food quality is critical for the organization’s seamless operation.

By visiting our website, you may register for renewal, submit your Form-A, Form-B central license, Form-B state license, or complete your registration for FSSAI food license in India. Our specialists will contact you and complete your FSSAI registration within 10-15 days. Contact to Mrs. Punam Gupta.

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