What to Avoid While Buying Dog Grooming Products Online?

What to Avoid While Buying Dog Grooming Products Online

Did you realize that the chemicals found in pet grooming products might also harm your pets? You did read that correctly.

Unfortunately, pet food components are not as tightly regulated as those found in food products for humans. However, during the past ten years, consumers have become much more aware of the ingredients in pet food and grooming supplies. We only want the best for our animal buddies, after all!

Here is a list of ingredients to avoid when purchasing dog grooming products online.

Ingredient#1: Parabens

A preservative, paraben, is frequently found in cosmetic, personal care, and culinary items. These substances work wonders in stopping the development of bacteria, yeast, and fungi, which can cause a product to rot or spoil.

Numerous studies have been done to determine the detrimental effects of parabens on health. Several studies have shown that parabens can interfere with male reproductive health and cause cancer. Therefore, ensure that any shampoo, soap, or other grooming or food product you buy for your dog is paraben-free.

Ingredient#2: Sulfates

Do you like how your bath products or other cleaning agents lather up? Additionally, it would help if you consider twice before choosing a shampoo for your pet based solely on how well it lathers due to the high concentration of sulfates. This chemical produces suds in cleaning products, including shampoo, face wash, and floor cleaner.

There is no proof that a product’s cleansing ability is inevitably enhanced by the foam produced by soap, shampoo, or handwash. On the other hand, Sulfates might dry the skin, leading to allergies or irritability. It’s better to avoid shampoos containing sulfates because a pet’s skin, especially a dog’s, is highly sensitive.

Ingredient #3: Mineral Oils

Despite coming from a more natural source, mineral oil is bad for pets’ skin. Creating a barrier over the skin helps goods keep moisture on the skin. Although it may sound wonderful, doing this prevents the dog’s skin from exuding its natural oils.

Pets frequently develop allergies to mineral oils. Therefore, please avoid it and let the pet’s skin take care of itself. That’s what it was designed to do, after all!

Ingredient#4: Artificial Colors

Dogs don’t care about the color or appearance of their food, for one thing! Besides, most of them are colorblind! Just like shampoos, dog foods are therefore colored as the color of the food will appeal to humans to buy it. These dyes can be hazardous, though!

Certain colorants have been shown to cause allergies in pets and to increase their susceptibility to viral diseases. Consider making your snacks if you’re having trouble finding ones without colorants.

Ingredient#5: Artificial Fragrance

Who wouldn’t want their body care products to smell amazing? The same goes for the grooming supplies for your pet. But did you know that synthetic chemicals from numerous sources are used to create artificial fragrances? Additionally, several of these substances have been related to aberrant cell division, which can cause cancer, diabetes, and obesity. And we assure you that your dogs could have much worse adverse effects. Choose products with natural aromatic oils if you are trying to make your pet smell wonderful after a bath.


Pet food manufacturers get away with it because there are few regulations. So when you purchase a product to give pets in your salon, be informed of what “animal byproduct” means.

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