When to Start Thinking About Building Your Kids’ Bedroom

If you plan on getting a new house and starting a family, you would definitely what to know when is the right time to start thinking about building your kids’ bedroom. While a nursery is all well and good, kids need their own space when they are growing up and would want their own bedroom (or bedrooms as the case may be). Let us see how you can go about creating that amazing bedroom for your kids:

Always plan ahead

When designing your kids; bedroom it is imperative to design ahead. That is, it should be a space that will be able to evolve over a period of time. For example, power outlets. After all, where there is a cot in the nursery, soon there will be a proper bed there and a bed requires a reading lamp. Alternately, your little one/s might even need a desk with its own lamp.

Make sure that it has its own play area

Always remember, the more colorful and imaginative your kids’ bedroom, the better will it be able to spark their imagination. Kids love to think of their space as a place of self-expression, freedom, as well as lots of activity. This holds particularly true in colder climates where the opportunities for outdoor play are limited. Many, if not most kids just simply love sliding, hiding, climbing, bouncing, and building. In a nutshell, they like to create a mess so you have to consider and keep all these activities in mind. Also, make sure that it’s brightly colored so they like spending time there – more than anywhere else.  

Hire the services of the professionals

You should consider hiring home remodel professionals to finish the job perfectly. These people know just what is required to make a comfortable ‘home-within-a-home’ for your kids. For example, they would know which color schemes to use, the kind of tough furniture that could withstand all kinds of damage, as well as the hardy flooring and finishes that will easily be wiped clean. Since they have both the required expertise and experience to create the perfect children’s bedroom, they will do a great job and your kids will love their room the most in the whole house. 

Make sure the place is a lot of fun!

Yes, practicality is certainly very important, but only if it retains the fun element throughout the design. For example, patterned lamps and cushions can be mated with stain protectors so that your kids will be able to use their crayons and watercolors without getting scolded. Best of all, such stain guards can be easily washed and changed as your kids’ tastes change with time.

Take the whole color scheme into consideration

Since your house has its own color scheme it would make good sense to incorporate the same in your children’s room as well. This way, your kids’ room would not be like a ‘bright blue island in a sea of white’ for instance. In other words, it won’t jar the overall look and feel of your home. You should consider the overall design of the rest of the house while making sure that their room is also keeping true to the general theme throughout. This can include the materials used and the textures too. Once you have the underlying theme down pat, you may commence building a more welcoming and fun place for your kids. One that will easily be able to stand the test of time.

Change soft furnishings periodically

Scatter cushions and bedding will be easily updated as your kids get older and want to switch to stuff more in keeping with their age group. Here, a bit of artwork would be a nice way to add a dash of character to their personal space. For instance, small kids might like colorful cartoons while teens may prefer photos, posters, etc. 


Building a children’s bedroom is easy, provided that you hire the services of highly skilled professional contractors skilled at a home remodel project. They will take care of the whole project and ensure the kids love their room and it is in harmony with the rest of the house. 

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