Which metal best suits lab grown diamonds

Many people look at lab grown diamonds as entirely different from organic diamonds. For jewellery purpose then, people find it hard to decide which metal would go best with lab grown diamonds. If we’re talking about rings and necklaces, then the metal forming the chain or band is as important if not more as the pendant or stone itself. Jewellery stores have multiple options for different metals to set the diamonds in. Honestly, each metal has its own look and it is difficult to determine which the best among them is. But we’ll take a look at the available options usually available in the market.

  • Platinum

Platinum is the most preferred metal for jewellery to be made with lab grown diamonds. The sheer classy look and elegant style that it provides the jewellery items is the main reason why this metal is so popular. It has a steely, sparkly finish that compliments the sparkle of the diamonds. Platinum is an expensive metal so using that your jewellery items are bound to cost more but that is totally worth it. The final look and feel is worth every penny spent. Coloured diamonds also go really well with platinum as they do not overpower each other in shades.

  • Gold

The second in line is gold. The most commonly used metal for weddings and engagements in the form of Lab grown diamond Rings. It has been more than a decade now since people started opting for lab grown diamonds instead of organic ones for wedding and engagement rings. But they still prefer gold over platinum. The reasons behind this are cost for starters, since platinum is costlier than gold. And traditionally gold was used for wedding rings and people like to continue with traditions. The combination of yellow and diamond looks very royal. It gives an old school vibe which is comforting to many.

  • Silver

Silver is chosen as the long lost brother of platinum. It is much lesser in cost but does have a similar steely look to it. It also goes well with transparent and coloured diamonds and will save you money too.

  • Other less common options include palladium which is similar to platinum but lower in density. Also for durable options you could go for titanium.

Comparison of maintenance

Platinum is the most dense and tough metal. It does not require much maintenance and will accompany you in the long run. Once you buy a platinum piece of lab grown diamond jewellery, you might not have to look at it again to make sure it is in good condition.

Gold requires a little maintenance once a month maybe. You can easily clean it with warm water and dish soap.

Silver is the least expensive but you’ll most likely spend the extra money on getting it cleaned every now and then. Silver tends to get tarnished easily and so requires constant maintenance to keep it shiny as new.

Some people also go for a mix of metals and other variations in these above-mentioned metals too. For example, white gold and rose gold are also options growing in popularity and look amazing with lab grown diamonds. They are very trendy and have a young and contemporary look to them.

In conclusion we’d like to say no metal can be determined best as such but given the considerable pros and cons, platinum does seem to be a great choice that suits lab grown diamonds well, especially for hidden halo engagement rings.

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