Whiteboard Animation Tips for Beginners – Create Animated Videos


Whiteboard animations are the perfect tool for educating your audience. If you want to start an online teaching channel, a simple and creative animation video would be a big hit. There is a single whiteboard animation company, but so many companies provide up-to-the-mark services. 

Many online learning platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and guru provide a wide range of whiteboard animation services at cost-effective prices. It’s simple nowadays to get an animated video service to assemble your message and complete the requirements you want to convey to your viewers. 

#7 Tips For Making An Eye-Catching Whiteboard Animation Videos 

Tips are essential if you want to convey your message virtually. Reading tips and advice will definitely boost your skills and expertise. Here are a few suggestions that you follow to create fascinating yet innovative whiteboard animated videos. 

1) Combine White Board Animated Videos With An Engaging Storyline 

The storyline also plays an essential role in engaging your audience. For example, no matter how charming and sophisticated your charter is. If the storyline does not fit with the video. Then it won’t provide you with a win-win situation. Where you want to sell your products and services. 

A whiteboard animated video script must have an engaging and interesting script to make the characters look more engaging yet appealing. 

2) Never Underestimate The Power Of A Creative Character  

Telling your audience what services and products you are offering to them could become easier when you show them some interesting yet sophisticated characters. 

Characters in animated videos create a sophisticated and versatile bond between your clients and your services. Once they get to understand what is offered to them. And how you can utilize the items it will entertain. And appeal more than the written content. 

For example, it is famous for being simple and creative. Animated video is a thousand times better than the long. And a precise paragraph written on your landing page. Because your visitors always prefer watching rather than reading about your content. 

3) Learn How To Play With Color Theory 

If you know how you can play with color theory then it would be easy for you to make your video viral. There are many animators who initially skip this step. While playing with the color theory try to keep the proper structure. And, make sure that your characters are going with the colors. 

A creative yet engaging Whiteboard Video Animation Services is something that engages its viewers while providing them a proper knowledge as well. If you are planning to add bold and vibrant colors your visitors will only pay attention to the animation software and tools as well instead of the creativity and the services that you are providing to them. 

The engaging and creative whiteboard video has subtle and pastel colors combined with elegant dark colors. Mix and match could be the only possible way to make your whiteboard animated video engaging and eye-catching. 

4) Prioritize Appropriate Animation Voice Overs 

Animated videos are incomplete without the voice-overs. Yes, that’s true voice overs in your videos are as important as a color theory. But, what kind of voiceover should you use? Well, it depends on what message you are going to convey through your whiteboard animation videos. It’s been ages that we’ve been listening to voiceovers on all the FM radios and other podcasts channels. That’s why adding an appropriate voiceover to your website is highly essential. 

If you are making an animated video for educational purposes. Then you will be asked to add entertaining and amusing voiceovers to convey your message. But, if you are uploading the voiceovers on the landing pages to define your products and services, then make sure to add voiceovers that are soothing and explain the concepts perfectly. This is the right way to boost your reach with voiceovers. 

5) Utilize Emotions 

Emotions in animations are the kind of feelings that you can portray digitally. Adding emotions to your whiteboard animation video script and story will help in engaging your customers and visitors as well. According to studies humans are the kind of creators that buy something easily. When they get the possibility to get emotionally attached to the product that they are seeing. If the character in your whiteboard animations is eye-catching then the things will be easier for you to explain. 

Emotional lines and characters make them emotionally appealing and allow them to purchase the products quickly. But, it’s also essential to add emotions according to the needs of your topic. If you are creating an educational and academic video then the emotions should be easy and understandable with less humor. But, if the goal of your whiteboard animation video is to sell products and services then adding humor, and would be the best way. 

6) A Touch Of Suspense Is A Pleasing Conception 

It is a conception of every individual if they want to portray a message adding suspense will make your clients and users even more engaged and entertained. Your audience and customers will stay on your website and channel for a longer period of time than just staying for seconds because of the suspense. The theory of What’s Next will make them even more curious about your services and video. 

Adding twist and suspense will be easier and smooth for you to engage your audience. Surprising your viewers till the end of the animation video and the audience will highlight your animation services skills as well. 

7) Don’t Avoid Drawing Hands 

The actual concept of a whiteboard animation video is to draw a hand that shows that the artist or your teacher is showing a real story to you. This is the traditional way to make a white-board animation video. According to many animators, a simple hand will make your whiteboard animated video even more creative and appealing. So, in a nutshell, we can say that adding a hand is going to make your whiteboard animation video attractive and sophisticated. 

Final Words 

A well-told story is inconceivable to resist. We are storytellers by nature, and we can’t help but be drawn to them. Instead of just trying to make a sale, use the power of appeal to tell a tale – suggest your content through storytelling.

A whiteboard animated video is the most effective yet practical tool that you can utilize not only for making your website’s landing pages creative but also because these videos make the concepts easy for your students academically. Being an instructor, you can easily upload white-board animated videos on your websites to explain what you are going to define. The above-defined tips are the most trusted yet authorized ones. That has been followed by so many animators and whiteboard video animators. 

We can also say that a whiteboard video is the most fascinating yet creative way to encourage the audience about how effective and useful the products are going to be for them. 

If you are not using white-board animation videos yet then make sure to use these videos. From now on, as I have said earlier, platforms. Like Fiverr, Upwork, and guru help in providing you the services at affordable prices. 

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