How Do Entrepreneurs Earn Revenue Through Gojek Clone App?

gojek clone app

This Gojek Clone App has been Bejeweled with Yet Another Profit-Making Business Model – Membership Subscription Plans. It is here, Service Providers have to Make a One-Time Payment to the App Owner as Against Commission Per Order.

It is to buy the Subscription Plan that is Best-Financially Suited for them. And Do You Know Who is the Picasso Behind these Interesting Plans? You! You Get To Decide The Duration of Each Plan! Would it be Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly or Quarterly.


Hailing Taxi Rides, or Directly Calling the Admin Dispatcher Panel to Book a Ride on Behalf of the Phone Caller by Manually Punching Details like Full Name, Pick-Up Location. One can Also Share Rides to Pay Less for the Same Distance Traveled. In the Mood to Visit Niagara Falls? And want it to be a Family Trip? Then Simply Rent Out a Cab on an Hourly Basis and Make Memories!

Do You Realize I have just Spoken About One Service Provided by this Super App – Taxi Booking! And if we Treat it as a Separate Component, then you Stand to Earn Every Single Time a Ride Request is Placed and Accepted.



Give your Customer the Luxury to Customize their Soul-Food. One Can Select Toppings for Neapolitan Pizza from the Wide Range of Fresh Mozzarella, Tomatoes, Basil Leaves, Oregano, And Olive Oil. The Food will be Delivered at Lightning Speed. One has the Leverage choose whether to Pair it up with French Fries or Garlic Bread.

And in the Wake of the Ruthless Highly-Contagious Novel Corona virus Outbreak, one can even Opt for Contact less Doorstep Delivery. To be Eligible for this Feature, your Customer has to Make the Payment Online either using Pres-Saved Credit Cards or In-App Wallet Money! The Customer is More Likely to Place an Order from a Restaurant or a Food Joint that has Earned the Safety Badge of “Follows WHO Advisory”! It Simply Means that the Restaurant Owner is a Hygiene-Freak and a Disciplined Person.


Gojek Clone is a Bouquet of Life-Enriching Services. One of them is Grocery Delivery in a Safe and Hygienic Packaging. Andrew Jackson’s 8 Year-Old Daughter wants to Bake Brownies. So she Demands that All the Ingredients be Ordered and Delivered Now.

She tells her Dad to Open this App and Add Dark Chocolate, Half a Pound of Unsalted Butter, Caster Sugar, 5 Large Eggs to the Cart and Choose Cash as the Mode of Payment. Olivia takes her Piggy Bank Out and Pays the Entire Amount in Hard Cash with Handful of Coins. She is Doing it All to Celebrate her Father’s 35th Birthday! He hasn’t Smiled since his Wife Died of Breast Cancer Last Year!


White-Label Multi Delivery App Solution is a Boon for Patients Dealing with Excruciating Pain from Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Epilepsy, Glaucoma or even HIV AIDS! The Patient has to Simply Create An Account with the User App of KINGX 2022 Super App and Upload Prescription for the Same. Even here, the Patient has Three Modes of Payment to Choose From – Cash, Credit Cards and In-App Wallet.


Prince Houston wants to Go on a Solo-Ride but his 5-Seater Maserati Levante is covered with a Thin-Sheet of Dust! He Opens this App and Hires a Professional for a Full-Service Car Wash with 5-Star Ratings Online.


Everyone is Stung by the Fever of On-Demand App Solution! Who doesn’t love a Billion US Dollars in JP Morgan’s Bank Account? Call V3Cube and Execute your Decade-Plan!

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