How to Check Jazz Balance 2022

Check the Codes | How to Check Jazz Balance

The following are some USSD (Extraordinary Additional Service) codes for prepaid customers to check their outstanding balance.

Balance Inquiry Code (*111#) Charges> Rs. 0.24  [*444*6*2#]  Charges > Rs. 0.24

111 (Jazz helpline) > Rs. 0.72 (to hear the details of the balance)

Now let’s talk about all the ways in detail. So, just stick with us to the end.

Method # 1

Read the following instructions to check your Jazz balance.

Go to your cell phone and dial * 111 #.
When you dial the USSD code, you will be able to see the remaining balance on your device screen.


Method # 2

This is a self-help Jazz WhatsApp prepaid account users can easily find their balance and all package details. Just follow the instructions given below.

Open WhatsApp on your smart device.
Once you have opened it, add this contact number to your directory (03003008000).
After adding a number, send a “Hello” message to this number.
Finally, type “4” and press the send button. All balance details will appear on your screen.

Method # 3

As mentioned above, this method is for smartphone users only, as this method involves installing the Jazz World app on a smart device. Here’s how to check it out with the Jazz mobile app.

Download and install the Jazz World app (available on Android and iOS).
After downloading it, run the app on your device.
Now enter your Jazz sim number in the space provided to sign in.
Once logged in, you can see your remaining balance on the app’s home screen.

Then you have it! All of this was about how to check Jazz balance. If you found this article helpful, let us know in the comments and keep following this post for further guidance.


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