How to get followers on Twitter Six Ways to Increase Followers on Twitter

Twitter is a great place to share news, drive traffic and join the trending conversations.

Similar to other platforms, there are many buymalaysianfollowers opportunities to build a community.

How do you gain followers on Twitter?

This blog post will share 6 tips to help you reach your target audience.

Six Ways to Increase Followers on Twitter

Twitter is a great platform for short-form updates as well as real-time responses when it comes to building your social media strategy.

It has more than 145,000,000 daily users. This gives you the opportunity to connect to potential customers and drive traffic towards your website.

Matt Swider (TechRadar’s US Editor in Chief), explains that Twitter offers instant CTA perks. Links to outbound sites aren’t penalized, receive engagement, and tweets can make your message viral.

What’s the takeaway? It’s a great idea to increase your Twitter community.

Here are 6 ways you can increase your Twitter followers:

  1. To capture attention, use images, videos, memes, and GIFs
  2. Display your brand’s personality
  3. Make the most of current topics to your advantage
  4. Take part in Twitter Chats – or host your own
  5. Make public Twitter lists
  6. Cross-promote your tweets on other platforms

Tip #1: Capture attention with images, video, memes, and GIFs

Twitter, unlike other platforms that allow long-form captions to be posted, encourages you to keep it brief and sweet.

Swider says that Twitter is all about instantaneity. It forces you to reduce your message to 280 characters or less, which is the fastest way to share information with your audience and for your audience to consume it.

Including images, videos and GIFs in your tweets is a great way to stand out . A picture is worth a thousand phrases, as they say.

In fact, tweets with video receive 10x more engagement that those without.

Meditation app Calm uses video content frequently to connect with their audience

You can also have fun with visual memes on Twitter. Shopify has a great understanding of Twitter culture. They regularly use trending memes in order to go viral.

Visuals that are well-executed can attract followers and encourage Retweets — opening up your brand to potential clients.

Did you know? With Later, you can easily plan, schedule, auto-publish, and auto-publish multimedia tweets ahead of time — absolutely free!

Tip #2: Display your brand’s personality

Twitter is great for building relationships with your followers and potential followers, as it allows you provide value beyond just “selling a product”

The interactions do not have to be limited only to customer service responses. Your brand can be humanized by injecting personality into your feed.

To increase your Twitter followers, it is important to understand who you are, what they talk about, and how they talk.

This strategy has made brands such as Wendy’s or Chipotle cult favorites on the platform.

This lesson can be applied to any brand or creator. Take a look at Bloom, a small business. It is a community-oriented brand that speaks authentically to its customers, rather than being super-corporate.

Twitter can be a powerful tool for brand advocacy and growth. It is important to have a clear voice and engage with followers regularly.

Tip #3: Make Trending Topics Work for You

As we have said, Twitter is all about conversation. This includes conversations with people other than your followers.

Twitter’s timeline is chronologically ordered so it’s easy for users to jump to the most popular topics and offer quick insights and perspectives.

Live tweeting #SuperBowlLV Sunday. Follow along with #SuperBrewLV

Be sure to make sure the topic is relevant to your followers and niche so that the conversation feels genuine and authentic.

If you are a fashion lover, it is logical to tweet during the award show and share your thoughts on your favourite looks.

You can also subscribe to breaking news and releases.

TIP: Use relevant hashtags in your tweets to increase exposure and reach new audiences

Tip #4: Take part in Twitter Chats or Host Your own

Brands and creators can join Twitter chats to build their expertise and reach new people.

Brianne Fleming, a marketing instructor, hosts Twitter chats regularly with other members of the marketing community about pop culture topics and trends.

You don’t have to host your own Twitter chat. Find Twitter chats within your field and join in the fun!

Talking to others on Twitter with similar interests to your brand or to your brand will help you gain exposure to an engaged audience, which can be a great way of growing your followers.

Tip #5 – Create public Twitter lists

Because they give an exclusive feeling, creating public Twitter lists can increase your followers.

When Twitter users are added, they get a notification. This could encourage them to follow your brand or you.

Black Women Photographers is an organization that provides resources for Black women photographers. They have created several Twitter lists to help you find journalists, editors, museums of photography, art directors, and other people.

It has almost 9,000 followers since @BlkWomenPhoto began last June!

TIP: Before adding someone on a list, ensure they are in your target audience. Also, ensure that the list is relevant and relevant to their tweets and interests.

#6: Cross-promote your tweets on other platforms

Sharing your tweets on other platforms is a great way to increase your Twitter followers.

Joel Leon, storyteller and strategist, posts screenshots from his brilliant Tweets to his Instagram account — with an artistic background that elevates their aesthetic.

Cross-promoting your tweets on Instagram opens up a slew of new opportunities for them to be shared in Stories or reposted on other Instagram pages. This creates avenues for a new audience that can be introduced to your account on Twitter.

TIP: Your Twitter handle can be included in your account bios and website Click Here signatures. It can also appear on the packaging of products or on business cards.

The key to gaining followers on Twitter is conversation and creativity. Try out different formats and posts on Twitter to connect with your existing and new followers.

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