Role of Media In Misinterpretation of Women

Role of Media In Misinterpretation of Women

Media plays a significant role in forming people’s perceptions and shaping their views about the world around them. It has the power to infuse, alter, or divert people’s thinking patterns about an issue. It is an important pillar of society in several ways. Mass media keeps citizens aware by providing them with the latest news, information, and happenings and entertaining them. In short, it is one of the key sources of information. With its influence over key aspects of life, media has a crucial role in solving social issues such as gender equality, freedom of speech, and justice for all.

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How can media influence thoughts?

Humans learn in different ways, and observation is one of them. Visuals help accelerate the learning process and help in retaining the information. Whether it is print, digital or mass media, media is an important source of learning in our society. From a young age, children watch their favourite cartoons and movies and try to adopt what they see. They think of it as reality and try to implement that in their daily lives. When they watch women as being given less importance and all the power associated with men, they treat women differently.

Similarly, when adults constantly watch more or less the same ideology through news, documentaries, movies and other content, they develop their minds to think accordingly. They might respect women but underestimate their potential. It includes both men and women. People usually trust media as the right source of information and accept what they get through it as reality. Their minds unconsciously act how they see their ideals act.

Media and Women

For years, women have been suffering from issues such as unavailability of equal rights, opportunities for growth, freedom to voice their concerns, and misrepresentation in media. How media represents women in a society affects their lives greatly as members of society. Unfortunately, women have been getting misrepresented in the media for decades. Even modernisation and increased awareness have not worked much for them.

Here is how media plays a role in misrepresenting women.

Misleading gender roles

Certain activities in our society are usually categorized as gender roles, despite being basic life skills. For example, women are often represented as responsible for domestic support only and men as considered eligible for working on important job posts. Although this idea has begun to change, its impact is not powerful enough yet. Due to this, we can see increased domestic violence, ignorance, and neglect in society. Women are deprived of their basic rights without any shame. Men are reluctant to help women with domestic chores because it is typically represented as a feminine role.

Women objectification

One of the leading issues women face in society is the lack of respect and lower social position. Unfortunately, the glamourous entertainment world usually considers and represents women as objects. They are thought of as luxurious items but not equal human beings. This results in the horrific mindset of treating them as a commodity. It ultimately leads to hatred and violence against them.

Workplace suppression

It is a common belief among some social groups that women are less intellectually able than women. Sadly, this is the world’s situation derived from the technological revolution. In offices, the managerial and executive-level posts are shown to be occupied by men. The ratio of men and women in the workplace is quite different. This is the reason why women do not get the appreciation for the talent that they deserve. They are often paid less than their male colleagues despite working on the same level. Also, the cases of workplace harassment and bullying are more common among females than male employees. Male employees usually do not like to work under a female boss and consider her bossy or rude. It is hard for them to accept the dominance of someone who seems less able than themselves.

Weakness and dependency

People watch movies for refreshing their minds and get some entertainment. Most of the movies have a male superhero that saves the whole world and the heroine from challenges. The heroine is depicted as fragile, who gets into trouble and needs someone’s support to come out of it. This idea affects not only men but also women, and they start considering themselves as a dependent. However, in reality, they are also physically and emotionally strong and can achieve anything in the world with their determination and willpower.

Beauty standards

Nowadays, the world revolves around specific beauty standards, and people are reluctant to accept their uniqueness and originality. This is more severe for women than men. They watch the seamlessly perfect women in the media and consider it a reality. This drives them towards the complex of not having the perfect hair, skin, tone, height, weight, shape, features, and several other things. They ignore the beauty in reality and suffer from low self-esteem due to social pressure. Women starve themselves to get into the desired shape that they admire of their favourite celebrity. They spend hundreds of dollars on beauty treatments to look perfect. This leads to several physical and mental health issues among them.

The media should realise its responsibility for the well-being of a society and make the proper use of its power. Keeping their interest and benefit aside, they should think about the broader picture. They must work towards building a strong society where every citizen gets their basic rights, love, and due respect.

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