Top Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Top Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Having a small bathroom does not mean that you have to compromise on storage. However, finding enough space for bathroom furniture can be tricky. However, there are many small bathroom storage solutions available in the market. On top of that, a few practical hacks make even a tiny bathroom a better living space. It is important that whatever type of bathroom furniture you choose, it can fit neatly into the available space and match the bathroom’s overall décor.

 In this article, we provide a few ideas to help you deal with a storage problem in a small bathroom. 

Cloakroom Wall Hung Vanity Units. 

Our top of the list in bathroom furniture for the small bathroom is a wall hung vanity unit. These floating style storage units are a perfect space saver and provide enough space for bathroom essentials. Since you can fit them on the wall, the space underneath remains empty, creating a spacious feel even in the congested bathroom. Most of these are combo units that come with a sink fitted over them. That can help you save even more space by eliminating the need for a separate sink. These are available in different sizes. However, you should look out for the cloakroom wall hung vanity units that measure around 400mm. The standard size storage in this category may have sizes up to 800mm.

Floor Standing Cloakroom Vanity Units.

Another option that is available for your tiny bathroom is a floor standing vanity unit. Although these require more space in comparison to floating style storage, you can choose the ones that are available in a compact size. These are especially suitable when you can not fit a wall mounted vanity due to any reason. Since these stand on the floor, the shelf under the sink offers more space for the bathroom essential. These are also fitted with a sink on top, so you can save space that would otherwise be required for a sink. You can find this style of furniture in various sizes. However, for tiny spaces, you will only be able to fit a cloakroom cabinet with a sink measuring 400mm.

Combination Vanity Units.

Another space saving bathroom furniture option for small spaces is a combination vanity unit. It can be incredibly helpful in case you are looking for more than just a vanity sink unit. It is a cabinet that is fitted with a sink and toilet. So, this combo unit eliminates the need for even a separate toilet as all of the essential fittings are included. These are also available in various sizes, starting from 600mm. You can choose a space saving toilet bowl to decrease its projection further inside the bathroom space. These small combination vanity units come in various colors to help you choose the one as per your small bathroom aesthetics requirements. 

TallBoy Cabinets

One of the stylish bathroom storage solutions for small bathrooms is a tall boy cabinet. These have more length and less width, making them adjust in congested spaces. You can find them in both floating and floor standing styles. You should opt for a wall hung style tallboy unit for small space as it will create an illusion of more space in the bathroom. A floor standing can also be great as it is easier to move and offers ample storage capacity. The tallboy cabinets are a great option if you have a lot of items to store. You can choose from various sizes, styles, and finishes to match your bathroom aesthetics.   

Other Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

There are many other ways to increase the bathroom storage than furniture.

  • If you need extra storage in the congested space, then you can fit floating shelves. The suitable space for them can be near the bath or shower area, letting you keep shampoo, soaps, and other items within quick access. These are economical and easy to install as well. 
  • Other than shelving, a small basket can be a stylish way to solve the storage problem. These can be especially suitable if you don’t have much storage needs or want some extra space to keep a few items. You can place them on the shelves or on the floor. 

Final Thoughts.

Storage is an essential need for both large and small bathrooms. However, you will need to be a bit clever when dealing with small spaces. There are various compact bathroom furniture options available in the market. You will need to decide what type can fit best according to your requirements.

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